Model 15 RS6 P

The model 15-RS6-P is an six-station rotary-type heat sealer designed for medium to higher volume production requirements.  Locating pins on the aluminum turntable allow for the use of quick-change seal tools, which may be manufactured from aluminum, depending upon application requirements.  This unit is used for sealing a wide variety of plastic clamshell packages.  The standard machine features 4 load/unload stations and two double acting sealing platens, one applying heat and pressure*, the second applying heat sync cooling (from customer supplied cold water supply) and pressure*.  Includes PLC with machine functions and timer settings controlled and adjusted via a touch screen operator interface panel.


• Twin heated platens
• Twin cooling platens
• Precision indexing drive
• Automatic blister & card feeders
• Automatic finished package eject
• Touch screen operator interface
• PLC controls
• Quick-change tools