Water chillers and air chillers provided by Zed Industries add life and stability to elements in your manufacturing processes.

Zed provides a selection of water and air chillers for your process. Circulating chilled water through chain conveyor rails will extend the life of the chain and help stabilize your process. Adding a recirculating water chiller will cut your water costs and enhance cooling. Combine a water chiller with a mold temperature controller to get the best control of your forming process. Adding an air chiller can increase your throughput while maintaining quality.



Scrap plastic grinders from Zed Industries lower your storage and transportation costs and simplify the recycling process.

Zed offers grinders for your scrap plastic material. Grinding can lower your storage and transportation costs, while simplifying the recycling of your scrap. Ask us to size and supply a grinder for your application.


Chain Track

Are you replacing pin chain or chain tracks on a regular basis, ask Zed to quote a replacement pin chain indexing system.

Featuring the exclusive Zed double-wide pin chain, solid steel hardened chain ways, and precision servo motor indexing – this system is second to none. Ideal for high speed precision indexing applications, which require a reliable time tested system.



This pre-heater is a free-standing unit ideal for thermoplastic material requiring additional “soak time” to produce uniform thermoformed parts.

This pre-heater is a free-standing unit that has been designed to be placed between the film roll holder mechanism and the infeed side of any thermoforming system. The Zed Model PH-30 is ideal for thermoplastic material requiring additional “soak time” to produce uniform thermoformed parts. Suitable for use with any thermoforming system, competitively priced and built to Zed quality specifications.


Rodless Roll Holder

Tired of changing rolls and removing the rod or shaft during changeover? The Zed rodless roll holder is the solution!

Save time during roll changes and reduce operator fatigue with this stand alone system built to attach to all makes and models of thermoformers. Unique design allows rolls to be held, shifted for alignment and lifted without the use of rods or shafts, hammers or tools.


Mold Temperature Controller

Enhance your forming efficiency by using a mold temperature controller to preheat and maintain the correct temperature of your mold.

Completely integrated into the control system of the Zed thermoformer, add your cold water supply (or a Zed chiller) to get a complete temperature control system.


On Site Service

Need an expert in your plant, contact Zed for immediate service for trouble shooting of machinery operation or for expert process training.

Zed service technicians are experienced in troubleshooting all Zed equipment as well as all other manufacturing machinery for thermoforming, heat sealing, clamshell packages, skin packaging and die cutting. Our team has a combined experience of over 40 years and ready to provide fast technical service at your facility.