15-ST Series

The Zed Model 15-ST Series are inline hydraulic seal and trim machines. Unique to Zed Industries, this system utilizes large master blister sheets and master printed cards, sealing and trimming multiple #-up packs into individual packages in one operation. Easy access from both sides of the machine provides an ergonomically correct work height and spacious work stations. The automatic cycle and user friendly touch screen tracks production and saves job parameters. The one step seal and trim process provides the most accurate trim tolerance available. Typical applications include: blister packs, unit dose packs, sterile surgical devices, pharmaceuticals, etc. Card, Tyvek foils, paper and trim lid stocks may be used. Automatic card and blister feeders as well as other options are available to further increase productivity and reduce labor.


  • Master card and blister feeders available
  • Automatic finished package discharge
  • Compact self-contained hydraulic system
  • Seal and trim in one operation


Model: 15-ST Series
Seal & Trim Area: 14″ x 15″ 14″ x 18″
Part Height: 4″ std. 4″ std.
Seal & Trim Pressure: 30 ton and 50 ton