Inline Pressure SC Series Thermoformers

The Zed model SC series thermoformers are inline pressure formers that combine preheat, pressure forming, and trimming. The SC series produces packages for clamshells, medical trays, blisters, plastic food containers, pharmaceuticals, and horticultural containers along with a variety of other packaging. The packaging machines are built to withstand the demands of 24-hour production. Effortless job setup and internal memory controls allow first time operators to achieve production success. The SC series offers the longest warranty in the packaging industry.

  • Inline Thermoforming MachineCool blow system
  • Retractable heaters
  • Compensating platen lock
  • Full length platens
  • Third motion plug assist
  • Four post precision presses
  • Double wide pin chain
  • High form pressure

Thermoformer SC Series specifications PDF

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