15 T & 15 TO Blister Pack Sealers

The Zed 15-T and 15-TO are two station, shuttle type, Blister Pack heat sealers designed for low to medium production or prototyping. Originally designed over 39 years ago, the first machine is still in operation today. The updated models are just as reliable and powerful, ready to meet today’s demanding production. These systems are typically used for conventional carded blister packs but can also be used in medical and/or pharmaceutical applications utilizing Tyvek, foil, thin plastic, laminated film stock, etc. A precision guided platen with extra high pressure seal force ensures finished package integrity.


  • Blister Pack Sealer, Zed Model 15-T SeriesHigh Pressure Seal
  • Space Saving Design
  • Precision Timer
  • Medical or Pharmaceutical Sealing
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Scratch Resistant Surface
  • Quick-Change Tooling

Blister Sealer 15-T specifications PDF

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