Zed Industries introduces its NEW “Partial Vacuum” Shuttle Tray Sealer, Model 15-DLX-PV.

This newest option in Zed’s full line of FDA/Medical Lid sealers provides a “reduced atmosphere”, through a partial vacuum prior to sealing, (-PV). (Note: gas purge/flush, full vacuum packaging and oxygen “FREE” environments are available as Zed’s “MAP” series, Modified Atmosphere Packaging systems).

Visual verifiable seal quality is easily identified by the tell-tail concave lid profile and confirmed to the user by the audible air in-rush as packages are opened.

Full production speeds are achievable with cycle times of just a few seconds.

Partial vacuum or balance to atmospheric sealing is accomplished through on-board regulation.

A self contained variable vacuum pumping system is supplied with both volumetric and total vacuum controls.

The system comes standard with easy calibration analog controls, with optional full PLC, operator HMI, and memory job parameter storage available.

Full networking or modem communication is also available as well as end of shift reporting capabilities.

Optional on-board vision completes the system to fully document product loading, bath/lot documentation, as well as quality reporting throughout the job run.

This system and options is now available on all of the Zed line of Medical and Food Grade shuttle sealers, as well as Zed’s rotary and in-line high volume packaging lines. This system is ideal for Medical, Dental and Food barrier application for use with or without Oxygen Scavenger packaging materials.

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