Welding and Sealing Tabletop Heat Sealer Fitted with Quick-Change Tooling

A tabletop heat sealer includes controls and components that facilitate validation protocol setup.

A tabletop heat sealer designed for medical device, clinical trial, and pharmaceutical applications features a single-sided aluminum-roller shuttle tray with locating pins to accommodate quick-change-style seal tools. The machine is designed by Zed Industries for the production of packaging that uses thermoformed trays with Tyvek lidstock, carded pill packs, unit doses, foil lids, and conventional carded blister packs. Standard features include controls, components, and peripherals that can help to establish validation protocols and ensure repeatability.

For volume production requiring automatic card, blister, or product feeders, the company offers an in-line heat sealer with a conveyor system. Features include a precision indexing electric-motor chain drive, four-post heat-seal press, and touch screen interface. The unit is available in several sizes and lengths, and with numerous custom options to meet a range of applications.


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