Two Heads are Better than One

Zed Industries, Inc., is producing high speed clamshell sealing equipment; Zed series “p”.  The Zed “p” sealers utilize dual heating head technology with successive dual cooling.  Cycle speeds for clamshells are easily double that of competitive machinery (15.5+ cpm for .030” pvc bond [(2) -.015” halves]).  These machines utilize low cost “suspension-technology” tooling.   Suspension tools are easily fabricated and changed at the machine site.  Improved cycle times are attributable to both the dual head design (allowing heat transfer from both sides) and the minimum heat sync loss of suspension tooling.

Formats are available in rotary and inline systems with work areas from 210 square inches (14” x 15”) up to and exceeding 7,200 square inches (20” x 36”).  Zed p systems are also capable of standard blister sealing with existing heat seal tools.

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