Laboratory Prototype Model L-2 Thermoformer

The Model L-2 is a cut sheet thermoformer which is available as a standard vacuum thermoformer or with the proper options, can be manufactured to accomplish all forming techniques including pressure forming, vacuum snap back, bubble immersion, etc. Originally designed for laboratory use, the Model L-2 has been a favorite among thermoformers for sampling, pre-production mold and material testing as well as production operation. With the optional plug assist, male or female tooling can be mounted on the top or bottom platens. The instrument panel swings out for easy tool mounting and machine adjustment. Precision program control ensures the performance and reliability of this machine for laboratory or production work.


  • Thermoformer, Model L2Pressure forming option
  • Automatic clamp frame
  • Bottom heater
  • Optional plug assist
  • Top plug assist
  • Quick tool change
  • Prototype or production


Model L-2
Form Area 25″ x 25″
Part Height 5-7″ std.
Heating System Ceramic, Quartz, Far Infrared
Other form area sizes and part heights available.

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