EZ-Skin/Trim Combo

The Zed EZ-Skin/Trim Combo represents a new concept in skin packaging combining the advantages of hydraulic die cutting with an easy to operate skin packer – both mounted to a single, space-saving frame. This new, cost-efficient system allows for maximum productivity of high quality skin packaged items by a single operator! Time that was formerly wasted (waiting for the film to heat) can now be used for die cutting and pack-off into shipping cartons, case packing, etc. This economically priced, energy efficient, completely self-contained machine requires only electrical supply for full operation.


  • Skin Packager, Zed Model EZ ComboHydraulic Die Cutting
  • Timer Controlled Repeatability
  • Space-saving, single frame design
  • Work/Motion Efficiency
  • Energy saving heaters
  • Requires Only Electrical Connection

Skin Packer EZ-Skin & Trim specifications PDF

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