Auto-Skin-Trim Skin Packer

Designed for high volume skin packaging needs which can be met with an 18″ x 24″ skin area. Job memory makes set-up and operation easy for both experienced and new personnel. This system offers all of the major advantages of the Zed Skin-N-Trim in a compact, cost effective unit. Automatic in-line skin packing and hydraulic die cutting allows fast, accurate packaging. Automatic card feeder and template load options are available for increased productivity.



  • Skin Packager, Zed Model AST-SNT Simple Roll Changes
  • User Friendly HMI
  • High Volume Vacuum System
  • Precision Indexing Film Conveyors
  • Precision Four Post Press
  • Accessible Product Load Area


Model Auto Skin
Skin Pack Board 18″x 24″
Part Height 4″
Trim Pressure 50-110 Ton

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