36-S Skin Packers

The Zed Model 36-S is designed for the medium to higher volume skin packaging market, and for specialty skin packaging applications, such as parts which protrude through the card or extremely large products. With a history of dependability, operators choose the 36-S for its reliability, spacious load areas, and ease of operation. The optional 3 station load area provides ample time for loading parts. The pre-heater increases cycle time and the outfeed eliminates handling of the finished packages. Built to last, this machine is a work horse and is manufactured to meet customer specific card sizes. When combined with the Zed STP hydraulic die cutter, you have a complete skin packaging system designed for years of efficient productivity.


  • Skin Packager, Zed Model 36-S Variety of heating systems
  • Auto clamp opening
  • Precision vacuum control
  • Auto cycle
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Optional auto infeed and outfeed


Model 36S
Skin Pack Board 18″x24″ 24″x30″ 24″x36″ 30″x36″ 36″x36″
Part Height 4″ 4″ 4″ 4″ 4″

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