Packaging Machines

Zed Industries thermoformers are the best in the business. Plastic, blister, clamshell and skin packer thermoforming machines.

Blister Sealers
The best blister packs machines and blister sealers from Zed Industries

Clamshell Sealers
Our clamshell plastic packaging machines and sealers are top quality for the most demanding applications.

Medical Sealers
Medical and pharmaceutical industry plastic packaging sealers.

Skin Packers
Browse our current line of Skin Packer machines

Die Cutting Presses
Browse our current line of Die Cutting Presses

Special Machines
Examples of thermoforming machines and sealers from Zed Industries in PowerPoint format.

Pre-Owned rebuilt thermoforming and plastics machines from Zed Industries.

Zed Industries offers both a rental and leasing program for several pre-owned machines.


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