HTP Die Cutting Presses

Looking for a stand-alone trim press? The Zed Model HTP is the right machine! Designed to be used in combination with inline thermoforming machinery or as an independent stand-alone cutting press, this machine is offered in a variety of sizes. When used inline with thermoforming machinery, the HTP requires only a signal from the thermoformer to initiate the operation. Double-acting platens, high tonnage capabilities, and the precision four post press design (with solid steel platens), make this ideal for inline thermoforming applications. Operators love the easy access for tool change, the user friendly HMI and the reliability of this press. As a stand alone trim press, the HTP can be operated with a shuttle to index parts in and out of the press automatically. Temperature controlled hot plates can be added to either provide heat for die cutting or enable this press to seal and die cut in one operation. This press is ideal for cutting thermoplastic materials, such as PET, PP, PVC, HIPS, ABS and a variety of other materials.


  • Hydraulic Trim Press, Zed Model HTPPrecision four post design
  • High tonnage trim pressure
  • Self-contained hydraulic system
  • Tall part capability
  • Top and bottom moving platens
  • High speed operation


Model HTP
Trim Area 12″ x 20″ – 58″ x 63″ and others available
Trim Pressure 50-200 Tons
Cycle Speeds Variable, up to 30+ cpm

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