Vision Systems

Robotic automated vision systems by Zed Industries for plastic, thermoforming applications.

Zed has capability of integrating all forms of machine vision systems into its automation. Zed’s experience with vision systems includes reading all types of barcodes, confirming part presence and orientation, and implementing optical character recognition and verification will add value and flexibility to your application.

Laser Cut Tooling

Our laser cutting can cut your product within +/- .001 for almost any material including: steel, wood, poly carbonate, acrylic and silicone.

At Zed Industries, we can accommodate projects that require one laser cut part up to an unlimited amount.  No project is too big or too small.

See also our Tooling Section:  Zed Tooling Design & Build

Product Feeders

Robotic automated product feeding systems by Zed Industries eliminate bottlenecks in your packaging systems and increase throughput.

Product feeding is typically the bottleneck for all packaging systems. Zed Industries can provide turnkey custom engineered systems to eliminate this bottleneck and increase throughput. These systems may include servo driven slides, conveyors, pick-n-place units, vibratory bowl feeders, and robotic arms for product feeding.

Product Unloader

A robotic product unloader can remove the finished or rejected product from your conveyor adding throughput to your system.

Unloading finished or reject product from your conveyor may be the operation that sets the throughput of your production. Zed offers many unload concepts you can select for your application.

Gravity Unload
This simple unload method unloads your product to a bin or directly to a take-off conveyor. This can be a very cost efficient unload method for rugged parts when final orientation of the product is not critical.

Air or servo operated Cartesian unloaders
These unloaders can place your product directly onto a conveyor or into a fixture. This method can be used for medium-speed applications where final orientation must be maintained.

Multi-axis SCARA robots
These sophisticated unloaders can be used when only selected products should be unloaded or if the product requires reorientation. These systems are powerful, fast, and can be combined with machine vision.


Automatic and robotic conveyor systems that balance the production requirements with your budget.

Zed offers several types of conveyors that may be selected for your application, balancing the production requirements with your budget.

Hitch Feed Conveyor
These economical clamp-and-rail or pusher-style conveyors may be used to feed cards and/or film in light-duty applications.

Air-Index Chain Conveyor
If your application lends itself to a chain conveyor, an air-index operator may suit your needs. Simplicity and low up-front cost are attractive features of this conveyor.

Variable-Frequency AC Drive Conveyor
This chain conveyor adds smoothness, reduces maintenance and lowers operating costs compared to the air-indexed conveyor. The AC variable frequency inverter driven chain approximates the performance of the servo driven conveyor at a lower cost.

Servo Conveyor
Servo power offers the ultimate in speed and accuracy to the chain conveyor. State of the art AC Servo controls offer index times less than one second and precision of 0.001 inch.


Production line robotics (both Cartesian and multi-axis SCARA) can boost the throughput of your production line.

Zed can integrate robots to your existing line or custom design them into a new Zed machine. We have expertise with both Cartesian and multi-axis SCARA robots. Fast, reliable and efficient robots lend themselves for loading and unloading, reject stations, inspection, precision assembly and other applications.


Zed Industries can provide integrated labeling for any of our automated packaging systems.

Zed Industries automation team can provide integrated labeling for any of our automated packaging systems. This eliminates off-station or second operation functions while increasing throughput. Labels may vary in size, placement or content and can be changed during operation. Let the Zed automation team provide a quotation for your next automated system including integrated labeling!


If your application requires printing a barcode, date, lot or other information onto your finished product, we have many options.

If your application requires printing a barcode, date, lot or other information onto your finished product, Zed can offer many options. We can slave laser or ink-jet printers to your conveyor to give consistent results regardless of the speed of the line. Zed can pre-print your cards or film offline for feeding onto your product.

Laser Printers
These printers offer high-speed, high quality printing of cards, foils or films. Modern laser printers can print high quality text, graphics or logos onto most materials without damage to those materials. These printers can be set up easily for your job from their dedicated operator interface screens.

Ink-Jet Printers
Alcohol or other solvent-based ink-jet printers offer high-speed printing at a lower upfront cost than laser. They offer the same easy set up as the laser.

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