Mr. David Zelnick worked for US Rubber in the 1950’s selling plastic film. To improve their sales, he built a small vacuum former out of an old freezer compressor and a used oven element. He soon discovered the customers were more interested in the machine than in the plastic. Rather than staying in the film business, David Zelnick founded the Atlas Vac Machine Corporation in 1955 and served as the President until 1964 and the General Manager until 1968. In 1969, Mr. David Zelnick and his wife Helen Zelnick founded Zed Industries, Inc. David Zelnick currently serves as Zed Industries’ Chairman of the Board and Helen serves as the Comptroller and Treasurer.

A Second Generation Company

Peter Zelnick attended the University of Arizona where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry, Ecology, and Evolutionary Biology. After 5 years of post graduate work as a manager for the non-metallic, insulation, adhesive, and polymer laboratories at McDonald Douglas, he returned to Zed to accept a position of Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Material Applications. In 2003, Peter Zelnick was appointed to the position of CEO of Zed Industries, Inc.

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