About Us

Plastic Packaging EquipmentIntroductions to Zed Industries, Inc.
Zed Industries, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of thermoforming and plastic packaging machines. These include thermoformers, blister sealers, clamshell sealers, medical sealers, skin packers, die cutting presses, laboratory and prototype machines, and custom engineered systems. Zed Industries, Inc. produces a number of variations for the standard production machines. Accessory equipment and specialty machines are constantly being designed to meet the changing needs of the customer.

Custom Equip MfgEngineering
Design and production of Zed equipment is approached with the consumer in mind. Reliability, ease of operation, maintenance, and safety is an integral part of every unit shipped. Quality, American-made components are utilized in over 95% of the machine construction. Readily available off-the-shelf components provide our customers with equipment that is easily maintained, dependable and productive.

Service with a SmileService
Zed’s service department consists of technicians who have 40 years of combined service experience. Our service call center is successful in troubleshooting over 90% of all problems without the need or expense of field service. Exact documentation of every machine built allows Zed to provide information and industrial service that is second to none.

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